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Save Your Soul - Single

Progressive Rock tune in the flavor of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd
spiritual lyrics, and large sound scape that takes you to new adventure
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Guitar Works Special Edition - CD

Timo Laine, who is known world wide as the guitarist who put guitar synthesis on the map, is back at it again with a new ear full of surprises.The new cd, “Guitar Works” Special Edition covers material very much in the style you would expect from Joe Satriani, but with more synthesizer running parallel with straight guitar. Very cool, and also very different and refreshing. The guitar tones vary as much as the synthesizers. Overdrive, shredding, clean, funky, jazzy, acoustic, and classical, you name it, tone changes galore. Couple that with two sets of guitar synthesizers, (a secret) and you have a feast for the musical buffet.
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Timo Laine Symphonic Slam - CD

5 stars As a longtime signed and seasoned pro recording artist who will remain anonymous for this review, I must say that Symphonic Slam is one of the great albums of all time- PERIOD. It's too bad some people just don't get it. Then again, great music is never understood by the masses, and it just goes to show that sophisticated music is only for sophisticated minds. This is exactly the case here, as Symphonic Slam was WAY ahead of its time, in too many ways to list here. A great album- PERIOD.
This is the re-mastered cd from the original

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Monotrim Project - CD

Timo Laine, with his inventive use of the guitar synthesizer, and masterful guitar playing, goes a long way here with the scope of his music. As in Timo's previous CD's, which are known for his pioneering works in guitar synthesizer technology, this CD breaks the mold by being exclusively an instrumental work. Passion, emotion, and
inspiration, will be self evident as soon as one opens their
ears to this musical expression. Large in sound scope, the master of this art form comes closer than ever to open the minds of the daring to explore.
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Best of Symphonic Slam - CD

Timo Laine Symphonic Slam tunes from:

Guitar Works Special Edition
Symphonic Slam
Monotrim Project
Her Fire

Featuring Timo Laines Poyphonic Guitar synthesizers, and guitar. It was this unique and powerful guitar sound that rewarded Symphonic Slams success over the years.
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Her Fire - CD

Symphonic Slam, PKA Timo Laine.
Timo Laine, In addition to being a master guitarist, Timo has applied his talents into expanding the guitar into guitar synthesizer technology. His new CD, Her Fire, reflects the long awaited results. Much earlier in Timo's career, he released an album with A&M Records worldwide. The recording ended up as being the first major guitar synthesizer work. The album was called "Symphonic Slam."
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Symphoni Slam SSII - CD

After departing from A&M records, SSII was released on Timo`s own
Label, Lady Records of Canada LTD
Davis Stone had left to join Richie Blackmore, so Timo Hired Linda Nardini
for this SSII. Linda had been a music professor and demonstrated incredible
keyboard work here. Jimmy Haslip was also added prior to Jimmy forming the Yellow Jackets.
Musea Records

Save Your Soul ( single release 5/2014 - CD

symphonic slam new single release may,2014